An Investment in Safety Rails Versus an OSHA Fine

24th Apr 2016

OSHA-Compliant.pngOne of the main reasons businesses cite as to why they didn’t invest in the right safety rails for their above-ground team is that the equipment was too expensive. They felt that being at risk of paying an OSHA fine was worth it. Putting aside the cost of an injury or even the death of an employee, is an investment in safety really so much more than what you’d pay in OSHA fines if you are found to be working without the right safety rails?

7627-2.pngIt might not have been worth it for one New Jersey construction company. During an OSHA inspection on their worksite, the company was found to have not provided the correct fall protection, either an independent harness system or safety rails, for their team. OSHA fined them more than $50,000 for the violations. This was actually the company’s eighth violation since 2009, so it’s likely the fines they faced are stiffer than what you might get on your first violation. However, we’re confident in saying it would have been cheaper for the company to simply purchase the safety equipment they needed to be in OSHA compliance. $50,000 will buy you a lot of safety rails.

Don’t risk the fine.

Not only are you risking a monetary loss, you’re risking a reputation as a company that doesn’t put the safety of their workers first. That can be bad for employee retention as well as being a bad way to convince anyone to give you their business. Invest in the safety equipment your team needs with on the roof and prevent falls, injuries, and even the death of workers on the job. Give Safety Rail Company a call today and let’s talk about the equipment that you need.

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