Do I Need Safety Rails?

Posted by Safety Rail Company on 1st Aug 2016

Though it is extremely important that there is a fall-prevention mindset in any work environment, it is not the only reason we are adamant about our safety rails. Following the OSHA standards that are put in place and regulated is a top priority to help guard your business, as well as create a safe work establishment.

What is OSHA?

OSHA is an acronym that stands for The Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is an agency of the United States Department of Labor. Put in place by president Nixon, the purpose of this organization is simply to help create a healthy and safe work environment.

Why is it Mandatory?

It is imperative, as a business owner or an employee, to understand the gravity of OSHA standards. The policies put in place cover an array of scenarios ranging from guarding floor and wall openings, to warning line interpretations. By adhering to these regulations, you ensure a safer workplace, as well as credibility for your business, and a record that speaks for itself. There are numerous work environments that require a close distance to an edge higher than 6ft. such as bricklaying, working on a runway, or formwork and reinforcing steel. As an employee, having a guardrail system in place to prevent a dangerous fall could be an act that saves your life. These cases provide a perfect example of why OSHA standards are mandatory and critical to abide by.

What if I don’t Implement OSHA?

If you choose to ignore OSHA regulations in your business, there are numerous consequences that could ensue. Initially there will be an opening conference with an OSHA certified officer. Following a conference, the officer and other representatives will walk around the establishment and inspect for any violations or hazards. After the walkaround, if there are any violations or hazards, they will be discussed in a closing conference. There have been enforcement cases above $40k, costing businesses more than money, but also their credibility of a safe work environment.

At Safety Rail Company we proudly provide safety rail systems that adhere to OSHA regulations and help implement the best possible work environment, both in health and safety. Our experts are always available to help you navigate any questions or concerns about OSHA regulations. To view a list of OSHA rules pertaining to fall prevention, click here. Let us help you provide a trustworthy atmosphere for your employees and call us today!

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