Do You Need Permanent or Mobile Guard Rails?

18th Apr 2016

gallery9865120.jpgSafety Rail Company offers many solutions for rooftop safety to companies all over the United States. Two of our most popular products are our mobile guard rails and our permanent fall protection safety rails. When customers are first placing an order for their fall protection system, they may not be sure which option is the right one for them. Here are a couple questions that we often ask to help them decide which to buy:

  • enduraline-with-src360-mobile-rail.jpgHow long will the project take to complete? If you’re going to be up there for a long amount of time, a permanent system could be more efficient. You won’t have to take the system up and down which helps your team get to work faster.
  • How long is your typical project turnaround time? If you have a relatively short turnaround time for projects, then you’ll want a mobile system. We can get you set up with a mobile system that can adapt to a variety of different rooftop layouts so you have the protection that you need no matter where you are working.

Let our team help you decide between a mobile or permanent guard rail system by placing a call to us today. We’ll help you make a choice and then give you a free quote on the system that’s right for you, no matter which one you choose. You can count on Safety Rail Company to provide you with top-quality guard rails for the safety of your crew! Get your free quote and place an order with us today.

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