Employers: Recommend Protective Footwear

8th Jun 2016

Many employers require some form of protective footwear, which comes in many forms. Few of these employers think through the psychology of their new hires in regard to protective footwear. Getting a new job is a very stressful thing for most people, and often the orientation information becomes a blur in the excitement. If you want to ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible, then it is crucial that you do more than just the minimum to encourage new hires to begin work with the proper protective footwear.

If your business hires a new person under the requirement that they have protective footwear on day one, remember:

  • Prior to their first day they have very little idea as to the working conditions of your facility, and less idea of what type of slipping hazards they will encounter in their new role
  • There are a wide variety of choices for protective footwear, and the choices vary drastically in price, effectiveness, and functionality
  • They came to you looking for a job, they have not gotten paid at this job yet, and who knows how long it has been since they’ve had a steady income? Basically, they may not feel that spending money on quality footwear is worthwhile at this time
  • Most people do not want to spend money to make money; including new hires. If left unadvised, new employees will go straight to a department store for the least expensive shoes, if they even go at all
  • Under OSHA, an employee without proper footwear is a liability for your business from their very first day

Don’t wait for the first incident to begin cracking down on veteran and new hire footwear safety. It is always recommended to implement and maintain an accountability system for proper footwear auditing. Once workers start getting sent home over improper footwear, it will not be long before you start seeing compliance across the board. We recommend implementing a direct ordering system during orientation, especially if you are able to institute a payroll deduction for their first paycheck. Just remember that work related injuries are very costly, and preventing even one should justify the cost of a few pairs of shoes.

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