Fall Prevention Safety Rails Can Save a Life

25th Mar 2016

Companies in Bismark, ND were recently fined for not using the  proper safety equipment while working on residential roofs. The inspections occurred after one employee feel 20 feet from a roof while using a blow torch. When inspectors arrived on the site the next day they found that workers on the site were still not using the correct safety rails. The company's negligence resulted in fines that were likely higher than what they would have had to pay for a fall protection safety rail system. 

Unfortunately, this isn't an uncommon occurrence for roofing companies across the country. Some companies attempt to skirt federal safety rules in an attempt to save themselves either time or money and only change their procedures after they've been fined by inspectors or there has been an injury--or even a fatality--on one of their job sites. 

If you are a roofing or construction business owner, you'll save your company in the long run by investing in safety rails now. Safety Rail Company has mobile rails that can be easily set up on a job site and transported to the next one when you are ready to start the next job. This makes your investment affordable since your mobile roof rail safety system can last for years. 

Don't wait for a fine or an accident to get the fall protection that you should be using today. Give us a call or contact us through our website and we'll help you get the system you need. We provide both mobile and permanent safety rail systems and even have a rental program you can use if you don't want to purchase safety rails. Get in touch with us and we'll give you all of your safety rail options!

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