Fall Prevention that Happens Away from the Roofline

9th Apr 2016

15-1-.jpgWhen you think about roof safety, you likely think about fall prevention that happens at the roofline. While it's true that guard rails at the edge of the roof are vital to safety, this isn't the only area that can pose a risk to workers. Take a look at some of the other problem areas and the fall prevention equipment that can help keep your team safe: 

  • rooftop-photo-shoot-05-16-2012-034-2-.jpgSkylights. Skylights are a great addition to the interior of a building, allowing lots of wonderful natural light to filter inside. They can pose a risk to anyone on top of the roof, though. Stepping onto a skylight by accident can result in someone breaking through the glass and even falling through to the floor below. When on top of a roof, using a skylight guard can help prevent worker accidents as well as damage to the glass.
  • Roof ladders. Even if the ladder is only going up from one level of the roof to another, it can pose a risk to your team. Ladders, in general, require special safety considerations, but ladders on the roof are even trickier. Ladder cages can help your team avoid an accidental tumble. 
  • Roof hatches. While hatches might be a great way to get onto and off of a rooftop from the inside of a building, they pose much the same risks that a skylight will. Hatch cages with gates allow the same access while preventing falls or breaking through the hatch on accident. 

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