Get the Right Mounts & Rails for Your Rooftop Guard Rails

6th Apr 2016


A permanent system for your roof can be a great thing. It avoids the cost and inconvenience of setting up a mobile fall prevention system every time that you need it, so your team can get to work quicker. It can also be customized to your specific roof line, making it easy for a team to put in place. Your permanent system will consist of two main components: your mounts and your rails. 

The mounts should be securely screwed into place along the roof. You'll find face mounts, floor mounts, and flush mounts in the Safety Rail Company's online store, each one made of high-quality steel and designed to work flawlessly with our rails. These mounts come in different options to accommodate different mounting styles, depending on where your rails are being installed and the kind of roof that you are working on. 

The beauty of our system is in our rails, though. The rails come in a variety of lengths (5, 7.5 and 10-foot sections) so you can order the pieces you need in order to meet the particular needs of your roof. This gives you flexibility without getting a custom system made. Custom fabrication on a guard rail system can cost you a fortune but now you can be OSHA compliant without draining your budget. 

Our team can help you make a plan for your permanent guard rails, as well, so you can place your order right away. Give them a call at 1-888-434-2720 or contact us through our website to get a quote on your permanent guard rails today.

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