Guardrail Safety Made Easy

Posted by Safety Rail Company on 18th Nov 2016

If you have been following along with the Safety Rail Company blog for any amount of time, you know how important guardrail safety is to us. With safety being such a strong motivator for us, we decided to put together a helpful guide to ensure that you are able to install your safety guardrail correctly for maximum protection.

Take a look at our SRC360 Mobile Safety Rail’s guide!

With the SRC360 Mobile Safety Rail, you get maximum guardrail safety to ensure that people stay safe when it matters the most. This OSHA compliant passive fall protection system is easy to install without the use of tools, welding, drilling, or penetrating your roof in any way. Thanks to the unique design that only Safety Rail Company is capable of, a cast iron base is placed around any potential safety hazards. What does that do, you ask? To put it simply, it creates a ballasted support stand. Additionally, steel guardrails are pinned in place in order to keep your workers safe.

How Can This Safety Guardrail Be Used?

The SRC360 Mobile Safety Rail system has been designed specifically for rooftop and ground level applications. To put it simply, anywhere that OSHA compliant fall protection is required, the SRC360 has you covered.

Equally at home on construction sites as it is in industrial or commercial situations, you can use the SRC360 as either a permanent or a portable solution depending on your unique needs.

More Info About the SRC360

Our non-penetrating system has been tested independently by a nationally accredited engineering lab. If you would like specific details on their findings, please feel free to contact us, because full documentation is available on request.

The SRC360 safety guardrail is made 100% in the United States of America and has been designed specifically with ease of use in mind. Its modular design allows for an infinite number of configurations and no intermediate counterweights are required. Available in Safety Yellow, Galvanized, or Safety Yellow + Galvanized finishes, the SRC360 can be customized to suit your needs.

We Care About Guardrail Safety

Tested for 200 lbs. of force in any direction, solidified with a positive locking pin system, and certified by the American Welding Society, the SRC360 has been designed with safety and simplicity in mind. We include an installation plan with every purchase and single-person installation is a breeze thanks to a design that means no tools, welding, or drilling are required.

Take a look at page three of our guide to see step by step product installation instructions.

Our goal is safety, and to us at Safety Rail Company, that goal is non-negotiable. OSHA’s rules for fall protection have been put in place for a reason and at Safety Rail Company, we’re happy to comply.

Regardless of your needs, we have a fall protection solution for you. Fill out our form online to contact us for a free quote! We look forward to working with you to make your workplace safer for everyone involved. 

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