Hard Hat Adherence & What To Watch For

29th Jun 2016

It is common knowledge that the need for hard hats is very real. Nearly any laborer will walk past numerous signs that command proper hard hat usage, but this standard is not always completely adhered to. Unfortunately, the dangers of head injury are very real. There are many reasons why a hard hat may not be properly worn, but there is only one good reason to wear one--it may save your life.

Typically, when a head injury occurs it is in a location where hard hat compliance is not strictly enforced by the business. While most businesses believe they are compliant, there are exceptions that may not seem to break compliance, but do. Some examples of non-compliant behavior include:

  • Hard hats worn backwards. While this may be acceptable under certain job-specific circumstances--such as welding, which requires the bill of the hat to face the rear, so as to not interfere with a welding screen--typically hard hats being worn backward are a safety risk caused by a desire for comfort or style on the worksite
  • Lax punishments for a break in compliance. If there are no punishments for a break in compliance, then consider installing one. If your workers feel that they can get around the rule without facing any consequences, then they are far more likely to
  • Setting poor examples. When supervisors or those in non-labor jobs are on-site without head protection it sets a very poor example for your labor force. Do not allow visitors on the floor to ever be without hard hats, especially since they are less familiar with the environment
  • Helmet removal when not at a workstation. Do not allow anyone on the sales floor, even those not near active equipment or on their way on/off the floor to be without a hard hat. Most accidents happen when people are not paying attention, this is never more true at the end of the day or on break time.

Enforcing strict adherence may not make you popular, but just remember: hard hat compliance can save the lives of those that set foot on the premises. It is in everyone’s best interest to see each and every person on the floor make it through the day safely.

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