Hide Your Guard Rail When Not in Use with Our Hide-a-Rail System

29th Apr 2016

When it comes to long-term projects or permanent guard rail systems, you don't always want those barriers to show. May you are working on a historic building that would rather not have a safety system on display when not in use or a building own who would rather the system stay discreet. Taking a system up and down each time can be time-consuming and difficult, but leaving it up may not be an option either. When that's the case, you can depend on our Hide-a-Rail guard rail system

This system works with both our permanent and mobile guard rail systems. This gives our customers more options when purchasing their rail system. The hide-a-rail system can be easily collapsed to maintain the beauty of the architecture, but when it's needed it can be quickly set back into place. The system is OSHA compliant, too, so you don't have to worry about compromising safety for a more attractive roof line. Like all of our guard rail products, the hide-a-rail system comes in a variety of finishes and sizes so you can customize the guard rail system to meet your needs. 

Installation of the hide-a-rail system is a snap, with no tools required. Simply lock the fall prevention bars into place and you'll be all set. Use it with our other roof fall prevention equipment to help protect your team from injuries. Get a quote on the hide-a-rail system setup that's right for you by calling our team today at 1-888-434-2720 or contacting us through our website. 

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