How to Set Up Fall Prevention with Visual Warning Lines

30th Mar 2016

Visual warning lines are another method of fall prevention used by construction companies and roofers when working on an elevated surface. This setup includes ropes, flags and weighted stanchions to keep the system in place. This is a relatively easy system to put into place and may require less of an investment than other safety rail systems. The key to using visual warning lines to prevent falls, though, is to ensure you set the system up according to OSHA standards. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • The flags on your rope or chain cannot be more than six feet apart and will need to be made of a highly visible material. 
  • The system needs to be no lower than 34" and no higher than 39" from the walking surface (in most cases, the roof). 
  • The stanchions that are used to secure the system need to be able to withstand 16 lbs of force without tipping over.

Setting up your visual warning lines for fall prevention is easy when you have the right OSHA-compliant equipment. Safety Rail Company sells everything you need, including perimeter warning flags, safety cones with 18 lbs bases as well as other stanchion options. Our systems are designed around OSHA requirements so you can be confident that you are getting a system that's going to keep your team safe. 

Place an order for your fall prevention equipment from Safety Rail Company today and make sure your team stays safe on the job. We have everything you need and can help you design a system that's right for your next job.

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