Increase Your Fall Protection

Posted by Safety Rail Company on 13th Jul 2016

You could have all the railings necessary, and still have a high risk factor of falling. We at Safety Rail are all about fall protection and are not only interested in providing safety railings to help avoid falls. There are other practices to help keep you safe and unharmed, as well as increase your fall protection by implementing fall prevention through personal health.

Research has identified many conditions that contribute to falling, and they are worth looking into. They are qualified as ‘risk factors’ and can be improved in order to help in fall prevention. Below is a list of some risk factors to be aware of.

  • Lack of Vitamin D in your system.

  • Vision problems

  • Lower body weakness

  • Use of medicines such as sedatives, tranquilizers or even antidepressants. Be sure to check over-the-counter medications as well.

  • Foot pain or footwear.

  • Throw rugs or clutter left in walkways.

Often times falls are caused by a combination of these risk factors, so the more there all the greater your chance of falling becomes.

How to Lower Your Risk

Most of the above risk factors require simple steps to adjust, or remove entirely. If you have desk job, or one that requires you to remain inside most of the day, consider talking with your doctor to evaluate your health or review any medications you may be on. You should make sure to include any over-the-counter medications in addition to prescription medicines to see if any could be making you dizzy or sleepy. If you are low on vitamin D, as your doctor about supplements with calcium or try to take a ten minute walk a couple times a day. You can also have your eyes checked, do strength and balance exercises to improve core strength and your overall balance, and remove any objects that could be tripped over in your home. Because most falls are a result of multiple factors like the ones listed above, it’s always a good idea to take as many preventive measures as possible to ensure your surroundings and health are working in your favor.

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