Learn About Our Mobile Fall Restraint Systems

21st Apr 2016

dscn1799.jpgYou probably know Safety Rail Company as the maker of galvanized guardrails used on your rooftop worksites. While we’re still in the business of making both permanent and mobile guardrail systems, that’s not all that we do. Safety Rail Company also creates mobile fall restraint systems that go almost anywhere and help your teams stay safe when they are working off of the ground.

Our mobile fall restraint system can travel with your team from worksite to worksite. It doesn’t require any attachment to the roof, so you don’t have to mess with drilling or welding. Instead, it uses six galvanized steel bases that weigh 108 lbs each. Those bases create a 5,000 lbs attachment point that hooks to a tether attached to your worker. If they trip, fall, or otherwise lose their footing up on the roof, our mobile system will help stop them from falling off the edge or reaching some other dangerous point.

Our mobile fall restraint system may be a better choice for your company over our guardrails. Our mobile system easily breaks down so it can be set up anywhere and gives one member the protection they need from a workplace accident. Want to learn more about these systems, how much they cost, and which one is right for your team? Give us a call today or contact us online. We’ll give you a free quote on the system you choose as well as answer any questions you might have about all of Safety Rail Company’s products.

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