Mobile Safety Rails

Posted by Safety Rail Company on 8th Aug 2016

Summer’s commonly bring up one of two emotions: Excitement, or dread. For children it means three months of freedom, sunburns, and bad sleeping habits. For adults, it means longer commutes to soccer camps, re-routing their way home, and allotting extra time to get to an appointment, otherwise known as: construction. While it poses a temporary inconvenience, we can all agree we are extremely thankful for the finished product whether it be roads, intersections, pot holes, or re-paving. Even more so, we can agree that we are thankful for the construction workers and want to keep them safe as possible while they embark on a daily injury risk of being exposed to traffic, unstable objects, and heavy machinery. That is why we recommend our cast iron, OSHA compliant mobile safety rail.Construction projects can take anywhere from a month, to five months or more. It is extremely important to create an environment that is safe and secure for workers to walk into daily, and trust that in the midst of danger, they are still guarded. Our SRC 360 Mobile Safety Rail system does just that.


Short term rail projects

Have a project you only estimate will take a couple weeks? We have the perfect solution for you. Our mobile safety rail system can be portable, but stand firm on the job. Need to adjust the barriers? No problem. With a simple design to dis-assemble, you don’t need to carry any tools with you. Designed with cast iron, our rails provide the strength and stability that is imperative to have in place during any construction project.

Long term rail projects

In it for the long hall? Planning to go until unbearable weather stops you? We have you guarded. Our safety rails can be a permanent solution for those long term projects when you need to plan to face unpredictable weather. Tested for 200 lbs. of force in any direction, you can be sure your safety is intact.

Rail features

As we talked about in our previous blog post, we take great pride in our 100% USA made safety rails. We have worked hard to make our mobile safety rails functional, simple, and effective. One of our favorite features is the aspect of ‘non-penetrating’, which also means no tools, welding, or drilling is required! The mobile safety rail simply pieces our steel guardrails in the cast iron bases. No intermediate counter weights are required, and the design possibilities are completely customized to the safety hazard you are wanting to guard against.

All of our products are OSHA compliant and available in powder coat and galvanized finishes. Let Safety Rail Company provide a safer work environment for you and your team, contact us today!

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