Portable Or Permanent Roof Fall Protection?

15th Jun 2016

Many buildings require semi-regular rooftop servicing, and a lack of safety rails is a liability, and often outside of OSHA compliance. Protecting anyone who performs maintenance on the roof or your building by installing safety rails is not quite a cut-and-dry as it may seem, there are a few factors to consider when deciding which type of railing to install.

Permanent Fall Protection / Safety Rails

Most building safety rails are a permanent attachment, but these require a way to permanently anchor the rails to the building or roof. On-site attachment and fabrication can get expensive quickly if you attempt to utilize a one-size-fits-all solution for your railing needs. At Safety Rail Company we specialize safety railing, and our permanent roof fall prevention equipment can be easily installed with a number of different brackets. We will help you choose a bracket type that works best for your roof in order to keep installation as easy and inexpensive as possible.

Portable Safety Rails

An alternative to permanent rail systems is what is referred to as portable safety rails. Contrary to what the name implies, portable safety rails are still effective at preventing falls. Our portable fall protection equipment is entirely OSHA compliant, and proven effective. The portable system requires no drilling or welding, and works without requiring any roof penetration. This option works even in loading docks or as shipping pit protection. Obviously, portable rails can also be moved to be used in different ways.

At Safety Rail Company we are committed to producing the highest quality product, designed to save lives. Our commitment to maintaining relationships with our clients ensures that you will always receive the highest quality, one-on-one customer service. Contact us today for more information regarding our customized safety solutions.

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