Prevent Ladder Injuries with a Ladder Guard Rail System

17th Mar 2016

Most people in the roofing and construction business are aware that ladders pose a serious threat to safety when proper safety precautions aren't taken. While this usually leads to caution when on a freestanding ladder, it doesn't always translate to the built-in ladders found on the roof of many commercial buildings. These ladders can be treated as an afterthought by even the most experienced roofer who may otherwise show serious caution on a standard ladder. That's why a guard rail system for roof ladders is a must for your next roofing project. 

Many of these ladders offer access from one part of the roof line to another, giving workers the illusion of relative safety as they may not be more than a few feet high. That's a false feeling of safety, though, as the Centers for Disease Control reported in 2011 that the majority of ladder-related injuries happen at heights of six to ten feet. Over one-quarter of ladder-related fatalities happened in that range, as well. That means relatively low elevation levels can still be fatal when safety rules and regulations are ignored. 

Safety Rail Company offers a variety of ladder-related guard rails, including this Ladder Guard System with Weighted Base Plates. This is a system that's designed especially for fixed ladders on buildings and is available with an optional self-closing gate. We can customize the piece to meet your needs, including the color of the finished product. Give us a call today to get a quote on the ladder guard rail system that you need. 

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