Quality Of Hire & Workplace Injury

29th Jun 2016

While new employees, generally speaking, carry more risk than seasoned veterans in regards to workplace injury, increasing quality of hire often directly reduces the frequency of workplace injury. People are the greatest asset a business has to leverage and great people produce far greater results. Top quality hires have been proven to work more efficiently and safely. After all, we don’t call them our top performers for nothing.

Most businesses feel that they are “doing the best they can” in regards to hiring, and may even think they do a heck of a job, but there is always room for improvement. Hiring for top performers is the best way to create a team of top performers, and those people produce more and get injured less. Here are some simple ways to increase your quality of hire:

Start With Your Application Process

Applications have almost entirely migrated online, but with the added convenience of digitally receiving applications there also comes a cost. Many organizations are out of touch with their own application process. But why does this matter? As long as you are receiving applications, what difference does it make?

Well, quite a lot, actually. Top candidates are not just your top candidates, they are highly desirable at a number of companies. If you never get the chance to sit down with a top candidate because your application was painstakingly long, or because you took 5 weeks to respond to them, odds are you will not ever get the chance to bring them in.

Clear some time to find your application, wherever it may be posted, and take it as a test candidate. Analyze which questions were mandatory and whether those criteria really matter. Look also at what isn’t on your application, but really needs to be. Streamlining your application process to screen applicants for you can decrease your response time to top applicants, which greatly increases your chances of hiring them.

Engage With Your New Hires

Nothing is worse than losing a new hire just after their training period. By this point the business has already invested a considerable amount of time, money, and energy into this person, and their leaving puts you worse off than when they started. To reduce turnover rates among new hires you simply must engage with them. Create a system for setting up structured review periods, such as 30/60/90 days to talk to your new hire about how they are adjusting, take feedback on the overall training process, and start a clear dialogue about their goals and your expectations.

The most important piece of this lies in the ability to learn and adapt your onboarding and initial training processes to improve the quality of work for these people, and also to learn what to look for in successful future applicants. Constant inward searching for process improvement will lead to a massive jump in the quality of candidates over time. Preventing even one future top performer from leaving your organization early will make this system pay dividends.

There is a lot of information to take in regarding the quality of your hiring model, but investing in this resource will yield immediate results with an increase in productivity, as well as reduced workplace injury risk.

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