Warehouse Safety Basics

2nd Sep 2016

In order to claim that a warehouse is an efficient one, it must be a safe one. Common sense tells us that keeping hazards to a minimum offers a number of benefits to warehouse employees and managers alike. Though safety rails and fall protection are highly important Proper storage and material handling is key to a safe and organized warehouse with employees being tasked with learning and adhering to your best practices. Every employee who works in, or simply enters, your warehouse should always keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Use caution when entering and exiting and working around moving parts like overhead doors and conveyors. 
  • Never block your vision by carrying objects that are too large. You should always be able to see over your load in order to keep accidents to a minimum. 
  • Always use proper lifting techniques.
  • Never attempt to drive forklifts or operate power equipment that you have not been trained and authorized to do so. 
  • Before moving it, make sure your load is properly distributed across your hand or pallet truck. 
  • Protect your eyes, ears and hands with the proper safety gear at all times. 
  • Wear properly-fitted clothing and uniforms to avoid problems with moving parts. 

As a leading supplier of safety rails and roof perimeters, we are always focused on helping our potential customers keep their warehouses and facilities as safe as possible. Find out more by shopping our extensive collection. 

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