Skylight Guards: Which One?

Posted by Safety Rail Company on 20th Jul 2016

Natural light has a variety of physical and psychological benefits. It also helps improve the atmosphere and performance in the work environment. There are multiple health benefits from skylights, such as improved immune system and lower susceptibility to depression. However, many people are not aware of the danger an unguarded skylight presents. At Safety Rail our number one interest is to save lives, using the preventive measures of safety rail and guard rail systems. We want to ensure your safety on all fronts, which is why we are OSHA certified.

Why Do Skylights Need Them?

Skylight safety is one of the often overlooked fall hazards on buildings. Though they are enclosed, there is a large fall hazard risk that often results in injury and even fatalities. For this purpose, OSHA has actually made no distinction between an unguarded skylight and an open hole in the roof. They mandate that all skylights must either be rated for fall protection in the initial installation, or they must be covered with a protective guard. That’s where we come in.

Which One?

Skylights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. At Safety Rail we are more than prepared to fit each one and comply with OSHA regulation. Below is a list of our options, all of which can be customized to fit special orders.

  • Skylight Screens- Often know as the most economical solution for guarding a skylight, they also fit a variety of domed shaped skylights. They don’t take up any space on the roof and require no penetration of the curb, roof, or skylight. This is an ideal choice for high wind areas.
  • SRC Skylight Guard- If you’re looking for an easy and quick installation, go no further! You can have this system installed in 10 minutes. This guard meets OSHA and CalOSHA standards and is capable of supporting a 400 lb. load. This guard works great for skylights ranging from 3’x3’ up to 7.5’x10’ and up to 30” in height.
  • SRC Mobile Safety Railing- This model works best for larger and taller skylight sizes. Designed to be used at or around leading edge fall hazard areas, it prevents the expose to the fall hazard itself. No mechanical connection or drilling is required and is completely free-standing and non-penetrating.
  • Skyview Barrier- One of the more unique way to guard a skylight, this guard rail surrounds the skylight with a 42” high barrier and is a compression fit against the curb. This a great option if you aren’t wanting an obstruction of view, but need something strong and tall enough to meet OSHA standards. This is also a perfect option for high wind areas.

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