Skylights are a Good Example of Areas That Really Need Safety Rails Around Them

21st Jun 2016

If you take a look on the roof of your building, there are very obvious places where you need to have safety rails mounted. For example, you will definitely need safety rails around the edge of the roof. But there are also plenty of places on your roof that need safety rails but aren’t quite as obvious. Here are a few examples of places where you should seriously have safety rails mounted.

Skylights are a good example of areas that really need safety rails around them. Skylights are tricky because they give rooftop workers a false sense of security. They might look sturdy but usually cannot hold the weight of a person. You could put a screen over the skylight to offer more safety, but this is expensive and would ruin the aesthetics of the building.

When talking about the perimeter of a roof, most think of the edge of the roof that drops directly to the ground. There are parts of a roof that give way to another part of the roof, only it’s a different elevation. If you have a roof that drops down to another roof, even if the drop is only four or six feet, you need to consider safety rails.

Wall-mounted ladders can create a hazard for people working on a roof. These type of ladders are often mounted near the edge of the roof and safety rails should be mounted around them.

As you can see, there are several spots on a roof that might need safety rails. 

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