The Importance of Fall Protection Safety Rails

14th Mar 2016

Sometimes it feels like the safety precautions such as fall protection safety rails that we have to take on a worksite are overkill, but in reality, those precautions have been put in place for a reason. Assuming your team will be careful when working on a rooftop is a recipe for disaster. You might think that the chance of your workers falling off the roof is slim, but statistics show us a far different picture. 

According to  The Center for Construction Research and Training, "falls are the number one cause of fatal injuries in construction." Over the course of 18 years, from 1992 to 2010, there was an average of 360 deaths each year from falls on a construction site. That's nearly one every day. In the same report, they found that falls accounted for nearly one-quarter of nonfatal injuries on construction sites, as well. 

Not only are falls from the roof a danger to the health, safety and even the life of your team, it can be incredibly expensive for your company. You'll face huge fines, medical bills, and could even face a lawsuit for not implementing the correct safety measures such as fall protection safety rails. When you account for the cost to your workers, your company, and the potential liability in a court of law, it's far safer and affordable to simply invest in the safety rails that you need for your next job. 

The Safety Rail Company can help. We offer a variety of mobile and permanent safety rails for your roof. Browse our online store today and place an order for everything that you need or contact our team and we'll help you create a plan. 

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