These Situations Call for Safety Rails and Safety Gates

22nd Mar 2016

For any company, employee safety is a top concern. This holds especially true when employees are working in conditions that can pose a hazard. It is in these types of conditions where extreme measures of safety are utilized. It is these situations where you need safety rails and safety gates.

If you are interested in providing protection when accessing a roof, self-closing safety gates are a wonderful option.

Chains and bars have always been the traditional way to provide added safe access to a roof by way of a ladder or a roof hatch, but these ways are now recognized as solutions that are open to misuse. If a user forgets to replace a component, a gap is created which can pose a serious threat. But a self-closing gate will automatically close behind the user, so it offers guaranteed protection from falls. You may also utilize your self-closing gate with a fixed guardrail for added security and safety.

Self-closing safety gates are also great replacements for chains that are used in railing systems at ground level. In fact, the uses of self-closing safety gates are quite numerous. These types of gates can be used to provide excellent protection on machine stairways, work platforms and mezzanine floors. They can also provide a safe demarcated area in a warehouse or factory.

Yet another benefit in using self-closing safety gates is that they can be powder coated with custom colors. This can make roof edges and other drop-offs more visible and create added safety.

If self-closing safety gates sound like a solution to your safety problems, visit our website for more information.

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