Three Reasons You Need Skylight Guardrails from Safety Rail Company

1st Mar 2016

Skylights are a wonderful way to bring more natural light into your building. When it comes to safety, though, skylights can pose a serious threat. That's why OSHA outlines specific requirements that need to be followed in order to ensure that the skylights on your roof don't expose workers to unnecessary risks. According to  Code of Federal Regulations 1910.23(a)(4), "Every skylight floor opening and hole shall be guarded by a standard skylight screen or a fixed standard railing on all exposed sides." That means you are required to have a skylight guardrail on your skylights before workers can get up on your roof. 

Safety Rail Company offers OSHA-compliant skylight guards. Here are three reasons you'll want to get your skylight guards from us: 

  1. We make them in the size and color that you need. Whether you want safety yellow or something that blends into the structure of your building, we can make it in the sizes you need for a perfect custom fit to your skylight.
  2. No installation needed. Simply place the guard over your skylight and you are all set. No drilling, mounting hardware, or other mess required. 
  3. Prevents breakage of the glass of your skylight, too. That means not only will your skylight guard offer fall protection, it can reduce costs by preventing the glass from breaking. 

Check out our skylight guards along with other safety rails that you'll need for your roof to keep workers safe. It's all available from Safety Rail Company. We'll get to work on the safety equipment you need for the best fall protection possible. Order today.

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