We're Proud of the Fact that Our Safety Rails are Made in America

Posted by Safety Rail Company on 22nd Aug 2016

In our previous blog, we mentioned a couple of the biggest benefits of manufacturing our roof safety rails right here in the United States of America. Today we’d like to go into depth a bit more to give you a better idea of why this is so important to us at Safety Rail Company.

Guardrail safety is something we don’t take lightly. We want to make sure that any time there’s a possibility of a fall, our safety rails do their job and keep people from being involved in serious accidents. With so many accidents that happen in the workplace, having guard railing that you can count on makes all the difference. According to an article written for the Made in America Movement, “By buying locally made products you are not only supporting our local economy, but you are also taking a stand for fair wages and ethical production. American manufacturing employees get paid decent wages and work decent hours in safe environments, controlled by our governing rules and regulations. This is not the case in many other parts of the world.”

Buying products that support the American economy ensures that we’re able to keep doing what we do. Making out product in the United Sates means that you get the highest quality safety rails possible. This in turn means that less people are going to be injured due to an inferior safety rail that does more harm than good. Regardless of the type of safety rail you need, you know that you can find a high quality product that’s made in the USA right here at Safety Rail Company. 

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