What You’ll Miss Out On With Our Fall Protection Safety Rails

15th Apr 2016

hatchguard1.jpgWhen you purchase our fall protection safety rails, you’ll be missing out on some things...but we don’t think you’ll actually miss them. Here are some of the things you won’t do once you have fall protection safety rails from Safety Rail Company:

  • caged-ladder-with-platforms.jpgDrilling and welding. While you might be drilling or welding while you work around our safety rails, you won’t be drilling or welding the rails themselves. That’s because our mobile rail system doesn’t require you to drill safety equipment in place and our permanent rail system doesn’t require any welding. You’ll simply put up the system that you need and get to work.
  • OSHA safety violations. You probably won’t miss these at all, nor will you miss the fines that come with them. OSHA requires that companies use fall protection safety rails in many circumstances, and if you fail a site inspection, you’ll be facing huge fines.
  • Workplace injuries. Falls are one of the most common workplace injuries in the United States, but our fall protection safety rails can help. You’ll miss out on the injuries that other, unsafe worksites experience thanks to our safety rail system.

Ready to miss out on all of this? Get in touch with our team today. We’ll get you set up with the fall protection safety rails that you need so your team can focus on their job without worrying about their safety or experiencing potentially life-threatening injuries. Place an order with our team today for the fall protection safety rails that you need.

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