Who Carries the Responsibility for Worker Safety?

30th Apr 2016

When it comes to fall prevention, who is responsible for safety? Does the obligation to safety ultimately fall to the company, the worker, or the manufacturer who makes the products? Let’s look at some of the key players and the important role that they play:

  • The company. Legally speaking, your company holds a great deal of the responsibility for fall prevention on the job site. Companies are required to provide protective equipment like guard rails, tethers, ladder guards, etc. as outlined by OSHA regulations. Companies must take steps to prevent workplace accidents and provide training to ensure that available equipment is used correctly and safety regulations are followed correctly.
  • The individual. No matter how much equipment a company provides to their team, it doesn’t do any good if the employee doesn’t use it. Employees are under an obligation to use the equipment that’s provided to them for their safety and report issues with equipment like guard rails right away.
  • Manufacturers. Finally, companies like Safety Rail Company have an obligation to provide you with the bedreamstime-xxl-16295640.jpgst possible safety equipment such as guard rails, personal tethering systems, and more. We use galvanized steel to create strong, durable equipment that stands up to hard use.

All of these elements need to work together to provide the best possible workplace safety. If one fails, the risk for accidents and injuries goes up dramatically. No matter what role you are playing in fall prevention, make sure you are doing everything you can for the safety of yourself, your employees and your customers. 

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