Why We Make Our Industrial Safety Gates in the USA

Posted by Safety Rail Company on 18th Aug 2016

Here at Safety Rail Company, you know that we take safety rails seriously. That’s why we make our products here in the United States of America. Why is that important, you ask?

There are a number of benefits to producing our industrial safety gates here in the US instead of overseas.

  • We make our industrial safety gates in the USA.

    We at Safety Rail Company get to oversee exactly what’s going on in the production of our safety rails. By keeping production right here in the US, we know how our products are being made.

  • We also have direct control over the type of environment our safety rails are manufactured in. This ensures that conditions are safe for the workers who are handing the production of our industrial safety gates.
  • We get to see what impact our work has on the environment. We follow the strict regulations that are in place in order to ensure that no harm comes to the environment. Unfortunately, this just isn’t happening overseas.

With so many great reasons to make our safety rails in the United States, it ends up coming down to one thing—quality. Whether you need a permanent ladder guard or a portable guardrail, you can be sure that it was made to the highest possible quality standards.

We take our job of protecting people from falls very seriously and that’s why we’ve chosen to manufacture our safety rails here instead of sending them overseas. Regardless of your needs, at Safety Rail Company, we have the safety rails that you can trust to keep you fall-free. 

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