Why We Use Galvanized Steel

12th Apr 2016

crossoverladder.jpgSafety Rail Company uses top-quality materials when we make our rooftop guard rails. One of the most common materials that we work with on a day-to-day basis is galvanized steel. While most of the customers that order their guardrails from us have heard of galvanized steel, many of them don’t know what it is or why it matters that we use it.

Galvanized steel is a lot like the normal steel that is used in millions of products every day, except it has one major improvement that makes a big difference in the final product. Galvanized steel is coated with zinc. This zinc coating prevents the steel from rusting when exposed to the elements, which can lead to a compromise in the structural integrity or even damage to the steel product itself.

dsc-0205.jpgThis makes a big difference in the value of our products. Galvanized steel will last for much, much longer than regular steel will, so the safety rails that you purchase from our company will last for years--even decades. Because the initial investment lasts for so long, it makes your safety rails just pennies a year. That’s a great equipment investment, not to mention an investment in the safety of your crew.

Safety Rail Company cares about making the best products for your team’s safety and for your bottom line. You can get a quote on the galvanized steel safety rails that you need by contacting us today. Give us a call or use the contact form on our website to get your personalized quote on the rooftop safety rails you need!

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