LadderGuard Lite 15 Fixed Ladder Guarding System

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The LadderGuard Lite 15 Fixed Ladder Guarding System is the most comprehensive way to provide lightweight, OSHA-compliant fall protection for fixed ladder installations on buildings.

This clamp-on ladder guard system attaches to the vertical rails of the existing ladder and extends 15 feet onto the roof, acting as a barrier between the worker and the roof edge as he enters or exits the ladder area. The rest of the system is comprised of four 7.5 foot railings that sit in railing holders on the roof surface. Adjustable ladder spanner brackets can extend the reach of the system onto the roof by another 40+ inches.

No mechanical attachment is required to the roof, therefore you never have to worry about holes in your roofing membrane. Modular design makes installation a snap, and all installed, the system weighs only 152 lbs. In fact, the heaviest piece to handle is the 21 lb. railing section. An optional self-closing gate (shown here) is also available. Safety yellow powder-coated finish is standard. Custom colors or all-galvanized finish are available. 

When to use this product:

OSHA requires that all fixed ladders and ladder openings be guarded. When no other ladder protection is in place for fixed ladders, the LadderGuard Lite 15 would be the best solution for fixed ladder fall protection.

This product can extend onto the roof from 15' to 18.5', depending on ladder configuration, utilizing the telescoping ladder spanner grab bars included with the system. For General Industry, OSHA states that any activity within 15' of the roof edge must have fall protection in place. The LadderGuard Lite 15 combined with the optional self-closing gate will offer controlled access from the 15' mark on the roof to the ladder opening, therefore satisfying this requirement.

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