For an economical way to warn workers of a potential hazard, the Never-Rust Warning Line is the answer. Stanchion spacing is determined by the type of flagged warning line you are using. A lightweight warning line can allow a 20' - 25' spacing between stanchions. Heavier warning line or cable may require 10' spacing.

Need a quick way to give workers a visual warning of a potential hazardous area, but don't want to use orange cones to do it?

Try the Never Rust Permanent Warning Line system. This visual warning line system is a completely non-metal guarding solution, featuring a 30 lb. recycled rubber base plate and aluminum stanchion.

The system can carry a variety of flagged line. When using heavier flagged line for wind-prone areas, simply move stanchions closer together to maintain proper warning line height of 34"–39" above the walking surface as prescribed by OSHA. 

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