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The SRC 360 Mobile Safety Railing sections are used in conjunction with the portable cast iron base plates. The railing section can rotate 360 degrees within the base to allow ultimate maneuverability around obstructions or lock in a straight line for long straight runs. The railing will stand 42" above the walking surface, providing an OSHA-compliant fall protection barrier between the worker and fall hazard.

Made from high-strength 1 5/8" steel tubing — strong enough meet or exceed all applicable OSHA standards, yet light enough to be picked up and repositioned easily if needed. Available in lengths from 2' to 10' or custom sizes as needed.

Heavy-duty hot-dipped galvanized finish is readily available for long-term durability in adverse environments. Powder-coated safety yellow finish is also available, with a wide range of RAL color options for a custom appearance. For the highest degree of protection, consider the "powder coat over galvanized" option. This dual process coating provides one of the longest lasting finishes available.  

When to Use SRC 360 Mobile Safety Railings:

Anytime an OSHA-compliant railing system is required along leading edge fall hazards. Use these railings in our portable mobile base plates.

How to Request a Quote:

Calculate the length of your railing run utilizing as many 10' railings as possible. If you have a gap less than 10' at the end of the run, select the size railing that will fill that gap. That's it! Don't worry about making a mistake; we will give you a drawing so you can see exactly how this lays out. If you need something custom, we'll help you with that as well.

Advantages of SRC 360 Mobile Railings

  • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for fall protection. Tested and independently certified to be in accordance with OSHA fall protection for guardrail regulations, sections 1910.23 & 1926.500–1926.503.
  • Simple installation — pre-fabricated railing sections means no custom fabrication of guard rails.
  • Railing will be 42" tall in the base. Railing length is available in 1-foot increments ranging from 2 feet to 10 feet, measured to the center of each leg.
  • Highly effective as hazard barriers. Commonly used for rooftop fall protection for equipment right next to the roof edge.

Other Features of Our Safety Rail and Guardrail Systems

  • American Welding Society certified welders ensure the highest standard of quality construction.
  • Powder-coated safety yellow for visibility and high corrosion resistance.
  • Custom colors and galvanizing available.
  • Custom designs and engineering available.

OSHA citations for lack of fall protection are significant, but ultimately nothing compared to the human and financial cost of a workplace fall fatality. Let Safety Rail Company assist you in your fall protection planning.

Our sales staff and engineering department can assist you in specifying a complete plan for your fall protection issues. We will be happy to help determine the exact quantities and length of rail required for your project and present it to you in a detailed 3D CAD model — no charge. Safety Rail Company is here to make fall protection solutions safe, easy, and affordable. Call or email Safety Rail Company today!

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