SRC 360 - Portable Guard Rail base - Galvanized 420168

The SRC 360 Portable Guard Rail Base is the foundation of this OSHA-compliant fall protection guard rail system.

The Portable Guard Rail allows installation of an OSHA-compliant rail system without tools, welding, or drilling. A two-person maintenance crew can install over five hundred feet of rail per hour, saving time and money.

The SRC 360 cast iron bases are simply placed along the fall perimeter, and the steel rail is pinned in the base. OSHA compliance is that easy!

Advantages of SRC 360 Portable Guard Rail Base

  • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for fall protection. Tested and independently certified to be in accordance with OSHA fall protection for guardrail regulations, sections 1910.23 & 1926.500–1926.503.
  • Simple installation — requires no tools, drilling, or welding.
  • 104 lb. cast iron base plates offer a much higher safety factor than lighter weight competitor models.
  • Allows four safety railings to intersect on the same base plate.
  • All base plates come with non-skid, protective pads installed.
  • Non-penetrating — doesn't void your roof warranty by drilling through the roof membrane.
  • Removable — will make future rooftop repairs easier and less costly than permanent rail removal.
  • Not just for rooftop safety — very effective as hazard barriers. Commonly used at dock doors and truck pits, warehouse traffic lanes, construction excavation sites, new building construction, mezzanines, pier and rail yards, crowd control, and more.
  • Railing can be angled a full 360 degrees from the base. Allows simple routing of railing around angles, obstacles, and irregular work areas. Other systems on the market require the rail to be in 90 degree increments, which can create installation limitations.
  • Toe boards are an available option.
  • Bases are stackable for easy transport and storage.

Other Features of Our Safety Rail and Guardrail Systems

  • Simple & inexpensive self-closing safety gates or manual closing safety gates available.
  • American Welding Society certified welders ensure the highest standard of quality construction.
  • Powder-coated safety yellow for visibility and high corrosion resistance.
  • Custom colors and galvanizing available.
  • Custom designs and engineering available.

OSHA citations for lack of fall protection are significant, but ultimately nothing compared to the human and financial cost of a workplace fall fatality. Let Safety Rail Company assist you in your fall protection planning.

Our sales staff and engineering department can assist you in specifying a complete plan for your fall protection issues. We will be happy to help determine the exact quantities and length of rail required for your project and present it to you in a detailed 3D CAD model — no charge. Safety Rail Company is here to make fall protection solutions safe, easy, and affordable. Call or email Safety Rail Company today!

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