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  • Parapet Clamps are an ideal solution for temporary or permanent installation of safety rail on commercial rooftops that have a parapet wall.
  • 3 sizes of zinc-plated clamps with protection pads to choose from: 1-6", 6-12" and 12-24"
  • 1 1/4" wrench to attach, no drilling required.
  • A simple and safe fall protection solution.
  • OSHA-compliant.

The SRC Parapet Wall Clamp-On Railing System is an OSHA-compliant passive fall-protection system. The SRC Parapet Wall Clamp-On Railing System is designed to be clamped onto a structurally sound parapet wall to prevent workers from being exposed to a leading edge fall hazard. Our railing sections simply slide into the parapet clamp and are adjusted to proper height of 42" above the walking surface. 

When to Use the SRC Parapet Wall Clamp-On Railing System: 

These clamp-on railing systems are often mounted to a parapet wall when a particular roof profile would not allow a freestanding railing system to sit on the roof. Other roofs may not be able to support the weight of a ballasted freestanding railing system and still others may not have the room for something sitting on the roof. Additionally, rooftop access doors located close to a leading edge leave little free space for the door to open but would be another ideal application for the parapet clamp system.

How to Request a Quote:

The first step is to determine if the wall structure you are mounting to is structurally sound enough to support the clamp, railing(s) and 200 lb. force load required by OSHA. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer for recommendations. The second step is to measure how thick the parapet wall is. The third step is determine the length of the wall you are covering. The fourth step involves the railing height. Simply tell us the height of the parapet wall from the walking surface and we will select the proper railing to maintain a 42" height above the walking surface. Finally, if there are multiple runs or corners, let us know those details in the comments box. That's it! 

Minimum Requirements:

  • Railings must be secured to clamp.
  • System must be installed on structurally sound substrate.
  • Clamps must be sucurely fastened to wall.

Advantages of SRC Parapet Clamp-On Railing System

  • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for fall protection. Tested and independently certified to be in accordance with OSHA fall protection for guardrail regulations, sections 1910.23 & 1926.500–1926.503.
  • Simple installation — pre-fabricated railing sections means no custom fabrication of guard rails.

Other Features of Our Safety Rail and Guardrail Systems

  • Simple & inexpensive self-closing safety gates or manual closing safety gates available.
  • American Welding Society certified welders ensure the highest standard of quality construction.
  • Powder-coated safety yellow for visibility and high corrosion resistance.
  • Custom colors and galvanizing available.
  • Custom designs and engineering available.

OSHA citations for lack of fall protection are significant, but ultimately nothing compared to the human and financial cost of a workplace fall fatality. Let Safety Rail Company assist you in your fall protection planning.

Our sales staff and engineering department can assist you in specifying a complete plan for your fall protection issues. We will be happy to help determine the exact quantities and length of rail required for your project and present it to you in a detailed 3D CAD model — no charge. Safety Rail Company is here to make fall protection solutions safe, easy, and affordable. Call or email Safety Rail Company today!


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